Magazine Layout

Production Management, Adobe InDesign Layout

Concept Development
After studying the landscape, I wanted to brand and develop a publication that would appeal to 3 audiences:
1) Regional, Balinese people
2) National, Indonesian people
3) International, Foreign Visitors and Expats
Production Manager
Hiring of writers, illustrators, web developers, and admin contractors, Task delegation, Accountability, Printing Estimates
Design & Layout Typography
I produced this with Adobe Creative Suite with InDesign as the primary tool. Photoshop and Illustrator are secondary tools in this production. I contributed photography as well as limited writing.
Ad Production
I worked with my ad sales assistants and the vendors, to produce ads with interactive QR Codes to their respective websites. My Ad Layout tools are Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
I chose a range of features delving into photography, sustainability, art, economy, environment, wildlife, entrepreneurs, and -I launched a graphic novel / comic story that I hired an illustrator for.
I chose and conducted three interviews :
1) Cacao farmer and artisanal chocolate entrepreneur
2) Batik clothing designer
3) Surfboard shaper
Multiple Languages
Launched in three editions:
1) English:
2) Indonesian w/alternate cover and photos:
3) Special 2-in-1 bilingual flip edition:
QR Code Interactivity
Trackable QR Codes are implmented throughout the publication that leads readers to sites of feature stories, advertisers, and community links on the companion website:
ISBN Management for alternate editions, currently in Paperback and Kindle. Local Bali and Indonesian print coordination and oversight.
Amazon KDP for online sales and marketing, Ingramspark for extended international distribution. Limited local Bali and Indonesian distribution.
Although I don’t promote marketing as a service, I’m doing a lot of my own from Amazon PPC, to Press Releases, email outreach to review sites and podcasters, and other marketing campaigns.
Thank you!
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