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5-Star Book Productions on UpWork
“Provisional Book Design / Specialty Art Book”
Moo is a talented designer — as should be obvious from his portfolio. His communication was fantastic — working with my by chat, phone, or VC as needed. He always delivered on time. But what I want to highlight most here is his dedication. He was truly a partner in helping me deliver this on time and making it truly beautiful. This meant long hours, fast response, and as we approached that very tight deadline, putting in a couple of nearly-all nighters. You are in very good hands with Moo.”
Martin Boroson ★
“Format my 57,000 word, professionally edited novel for Amazon.”
“Moolar was prompt, professional, and competent. I hired him to design book covers and format manuscripts for two novels I self published on Amazon KDP — both the paperback and e-book versions. He patiently and expertly guided me through the complex process. I will definitely hire him again. Dale Bush”
Dale Bush  ★★
“Easy to work with, great communicator, fast-quality work”
Andrea Killam  ★★★

Physical Therapy Manual

“Needs assistance with self-publishing novel”
"Moolar was great to work with. He was communicative and executed my vision for my website and book cover wonderfully with Moo.”
Lang Johnson ★★
“He edited and formatted our files so they would work with a Kindle print and ebook. He was very responsive and helpful with the process of creating a book. He made 3 revisions for us and even worked some overtime at no extra cost. Additionally many of the mistakes that he revised were our own errors that we did not catch until reviewing the book. I highly recommend him if you have a technical book (ours is medical) that you need formatted perfectly for the amazon platforms. Thank you!”d out.”
Kevin Kniery  ★★
“Moolar is a design par excellence! He is an expert in book layout and design and I am so happy with the quality of my print book. It’s a cookbook with full-page photos and a well-designed and fun layout. I thank Moolar profusely for a job so well done!”
Mish Sen  ★★ 
“Create layout in indesign for book”
Very communicative. Patient with me when I lacked knowledge or when I knew too much. Worked hard to get the job done quickly, but without compromising quality.
Zachariah Parry  ★★ 
“I really enjoyed working with Moo. He is easy to work with, patient, responsive and detailed. My book is now published. I’m very happy with how it turned out.”
Nana-ama Raine  ★★ 
“Working with Moo was both an education and a pleasure. He was efficient, professional and skilled as he guided me through the process. He communicates clearly, is available and eager to work through even the most tedious parts of this kind of a project. I would recommend him in a heartbeat, and I will certainly return to him with our next book.”well done!”
Elizabeth Harris  ★★ 
“Final book was professional and stylish.”
Nathan Ward  ★★ 
“Non-Fiction Book Interior Design & Book Formatting (Quick Turn Around)“
“Moolar is timely, communicative, and experienced. He really helped me finish my book and bring it to life! His knowledge is expansive and I will definitely be using him on future projects. He is now my go to for any design needs!”
Briana DuBose ★★ 
“Amazon Kindle/Paperback Book Formatting”
Alexis Diaz ★★ 
“Prepare Book for Kindle Direct Publishing“
“If you want to produce a quality book via Kindle Direct Publishing, ThiruMoolar Devar, is a great choice. Good work and good human.”
Glen Hellman  ★★ 
Arsenal of tools and skills; your complete & comprehensive toolbox:
• Adobe InDesign page layout master w/25+yrs across industries.
• Interior / Manuscript Design
• Cover Design
• Editing with Grammarly Pro
• Typesetting / Typography
• Formatting eBooks->Print Books
• Editorial Layout for Magazine & Newspaper
• Marketing Materials & AdProduction.
• Upload formats Kindle, ePub & PDF.
• Publish to Platforms: Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, Lulu, BookBaby, and more...
• Add Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator , Premiere, After Effects
• +15 years in Wordpress WebDev.
• Concept -> Completion
Thank you!
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